I've been a professional leak detector for over 20 years. Dye testing is the heart of my leak detection business and I can do more with this simple kit that others in the business can't do with a van load of electronics.

One of the biggest mistakes beginners make is using the wrong syringe when looking for a leak. Precision with the needles is the key to success because if you overlook the leak in question- your in for a long day searching the rest of the pool. I've done it a hundred times and its no fun. If your dye testing with a reagent bottle from chemical test kit you might find one or two leaks but your luck will run out. If you really want a false sense of security; use the plastic needle supplied with the "blue dye" syringes. Your success rate will be 70%- which means your failure rate is 30%. Still to high.

This custom made needle set is the best money can buy. The long metal needles are the thinnest possible without clogging. They can be bent around corners and hold the bend until you bend them again: The solid metal base prevents them from spinning free. The longer 12" needle can slide into pipes and check joints deep inside the walls. It has easily become my favorite needle; wiith the extended reach I often don't get my hands wet. 

My syringes are a 20ml Superglide that hold 3 times the dye as the other "blue syringe"- enough for 10 pools. The dye is bright fluorescent red that is highly visible in darker pools. The red dye holds together well and has an added lubricant to keep the plunger pushing smoothly.

The 2 inspection mirrors are a must when inspecting pools around skimmers and bottom drains. The round 1" mirror fits inside pipes and, with a flashlight, can inspect the first few PVC joints in the wall of the pool- where the breaks are most common- The long needle can reach those joints and verify the leak.  

Then there is the ONLINE Leak detection video- The CD disk in the picture is for demonstration-: this video is ONLINE and can be viewed instantly once you purchase the kit. It pushes the envelope of how far you can go with just using dye to find a leak in a pool. From skimmers to lights to broken pipes- YES, you can find many common broken pipes like we mentioned above with just the small mirror and long needle syringe.

PROFESSIONAL DYE TEST KIT $68.00 + $6 shipping




Dye Testing kit for professional swimming pool leak detectors. The best dye testing needles money can buy. Comes with online video teaching the secrets of dye testing.


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