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This full color training manual features over 400 color photographs explaining the methods of leak detection with the techniques and instruments used.   If you ever wanted to start your own business, or have an existing pool business that can benefit from by taking leak detection service calls- This manual will give you the confidence and expertise to market your service, handle phone calls, diagnose the problem, and get the job done.   This book is a complete guide to starting your own leak detection business.  Our new DVDs are finally here!!


All types of pool leaks:  Vinyl liner, fiberglass, concrete, pool+spas and commercial pools.

Locating broken underground pipes and repairs

Locating slab leaks under buildings and behind walls

Lists of the best manufactures and suppliers of equipment- invest $800 -$5000 to start up.

Marketing, advertising and sample business forms

Self test,  phone call sheets and more!

 12th Edition for 2022:  What's new? 

        * Non destructive internal pipe repair

         *Updated leak detection instruments featuring the FISHER XLT-30

         *Trouble shooting pumps, replacing noisy bearings

         * Plastic light housings cracks: becoming a leak epidemic

         * Updated bottom drains, skimmer repairs, spa jet repairs

         * 6 rules on troubling shooting pools with flex pipes

         * After 15 years in the making- its The FINAL edition !


 It was written by an engineer who pioneered leak detection, and is used as a training manual to train our technicians. The videos and training manual can return your investment on the first job. If there are a lot of leaks in your area, this is a business for you. contact us by email , 239-961-9299, or order below with PayPal.


Fisher xlt30 Our training focusus on the Fisher line of products such as the XLT30 and XLT17 but also can be used with LEAKTRONICS and GOLDAK leak detection instruments. These are importaint tools to master and the accesories are also demonstrated. Let us help you unlock the potential of these machines.


Our new leak detection DVDs are the ultimate way to quickly learn the art of leak detection. Start with "Dye Testing" and learn the powerful use of this simple technique: find leaks in lights, bottom drains, skimmers and learn quite a few ingenious repairs. Excellent underwater photography! The video is not a boring home movie, "This video moves with a lot of action": Sit an employee in front of this 60 minute video and it will greatly expand his capabilities and your profits without a lot of investment. 
Next, watch our first broken pipes video for 50 minutes and learn the methods of locating and repairing pipes that have been broken under concrete decks. Learn how to use sonic leak detection instruments, namely the FISHER XLT-30. Many complicated pool and pool/spa systems are examined and repaired as examples. These real life videos are hands on with common pool repairs that you will be running into everyday. The challenge of quickly troubleshooting a leak will be made much easier by watching this video.
The next 140 minute video on the latest instruments, techniques, and non destructive repairs that are so easy it will make your jaw drop. Its been 10 years since the our first leak detection video was made . Since then the new developments have been documented on this DVD with new underwater repair materials and procedures. Repair skimmers without replacing them, learn ways to repair pools with non destructive internal pipe repairs. This video gets you on the cutting edge of modern pool repairs.  
Want to make more money? Become an expert in finding leaks in commercial pools. Even though the larger pools have a layout thats much more complicated, the bigger the leak the easier it is to find. Motels, resorts, condos and apartments all have larger pools of this type.thoug



New for 2015: Vinyl liner pools are everywhere especially in the northern states where the cold weather makes the flexible liner the material of choice. But the leak problems associated with these liner pools are more common than all the others put together. Finding and fixing those leaks are easy and profitable if you know where to begin.
swimming pool leak detection certificate
After you have studied the material, opt to take the swimming pool leak detection exam; If you pass you will be given this Certificate of Completion that shows you demonstrated your knowledge about leaks and pool repairs. Let everyone know you have the credibility to do the job right.
Currently the DVDs are sold as a set and should be watched in order because most videos build on the information from previous DVDs. Call if you have a special interest or questions. 





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Swimming pool leak detection training manual and DVD for finding and repairing pool leaks. Train and learn electronic leak detection, sonar, dye testing.