Swimming pool leak detection products for the homeowner and the professional.

the swimming pool leak detection repair kit


Our swimming pool leak detection kit is the only thing you need to find and fix your pool leak- Guaranteed successful- Find your Swimming pool leak yourself or your money back!




My Name is Nathan and I've been finding and repairing leaks in swimming pools for over 26 years. Most of the leaks I am hired to locate are easy to find by dye testing. It is a simple yet powerful method of finding a pool leak by tracing the flow of water with a red dye. The pump must be off and the water calm for the dye to be effective. The internet is full of amateur videos demonstrating its use, but most videos fall short of the proper technique and can mislead you to overlook some simple leaks that should be quite obvious if done right. The trick lies in learning it straight from an expert and getting it right the first time. Then having the right repair products to quickly fix the problem so you can move on with your life. My kit has the these supplies that I use everyday in the field.

My video guide is by far the most important part of this kit;

26 years of experience make this video the key to your success- The video gives you direction and something to compare your results too. Its a solid hour of quickly finding leaks and identifying problem spots, but the fast moving video is also broken down into titles such as skimmers, lights, etc- so you can quickly look at these titles individually. Some of the inspection be done without getting in the water, but it is recommended that you consider swimming in the pool with a mask and weight belt. The simple tool kit can be put together by anyone, but I will save you the time by offering the products that I use in the field everyday in one package. They all have been proven to be the best I could find.


So what about adding products like "Marlig fix a leak" to your pool water? In my opinion its a snake oil and has limited uses only with very tiny leaks. Unfortunatly, it will gum up your pool and filter with a terrible long lasting mess. With the makers own admission the directions are for a leak 1/8" is size- that tiny leak in a large swimming pool would not be noticable from day to day and would equate to 25 gallons a day. A pool loosing 1/2" a day is an active gusher and can only be stopped once you identify the exact problem. There are people I know with limited sucess with the product but say it takes 3 seperate applications if its going to work at all.


Marlig fix a leak


My kit features a red formula dye syringe that has a large 20ml barrel which holds enough dye to test 10 pools. This syringe is 3 times the size of the blue Anderson pre-filled dye syringe.  The red dye clings together well and the red color contrasts the best with blue pool water. The twisting lock on the tip eliminates accidents. The 4" metal needle can be bent to test around corners. The ultra thin 20 Gauge needle is 10 times thinner than those plastic needles and will give you the edge you need for finding smaller leaks. Many of the leaks you are looking for are long thin cracks that need the precision of the smaller needle to be visible.

Also included are 2 sizes of telescopic inspection mirrors- the smaller one fits inside pool pipes to inspect and find broken plumbing and cracks in pipes. The larger 2" mirror is for inspecting inside skimmers, lights and bottom drains. It would be a difficult task to find some leaks without them, especially if you are not getting in the pool. Both are Stainless Steel with glass mirrors- Both extend your reach up to 2 feet.
Once you found your leak you don't even have to drain your pool to fix it; Seal it up with the 2 part underwater epoxy swimming pool putty. This is the same epoxy I have been using for over 20 years. It sticks underwater better than some of the other epoxys on the market and that becomes important for long term repairs.  Its easy to mix in a 1:1 ratio and hardens to a rock in 80 minutes. The size is 4 oz of resin and 4 oz of hardener for a total of 8oz which is 1/2 of the full 16oz name brand bars you find on E bay. There is also a 2oz tube of Quick set epoxy that is used in certain areas such as the light wires that can not be disturbed until the epoxy sets 
THIS PURCHASE IS FOR: 1 full red dye syringe, 1 metal syringe needle, one 1" round mirror, one 2" round mirror and 8oz AB underwater epoxy putty. 2 oz quick set epoxy. The 60+ minute dye testing/ leak detection video is viewed online

Once we receive your order you will have instant access to the on-line videos. You will learn the skills of the trade while we are sending your leak kit PRIORITY MAIL to your door. Due to shipping cost we don't ship outside the local 50 states but friends overseas can still purchase access to the videos and put together the kit themselves at the local hardware store.







The leak in your pool is not in your imagination, it is a real waste of resources and it needs to be repaired. The savings will pay for itself and start to add up once the problem is solved.

By now you have heard of the "Bucket test": Placing a 5 gallon pail on the pool steps to measure the loss of water over a few days. The level of the pool is marked on the outside and the bucket level is marked on the inside. The marks are compaired after a few days.This accounts for rain and evaporation. A rock in the bottom keeps it from floating away.


But often I dont have the time to run a bucket test so I "read the pollin line" on the tile: every morning the dew line causes particles to stick to the tile surface and can indicate the waterloss from day to day. Rain can wash off the particles but usually its right on target


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